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About Us

Together we bring over 20 years of investment banking expertise, with a particular focus on M&A advisory and venture capital in many of the world´s leading financial institutions.



Since 2004, the group has started companies in the areas of sports marketing, entertainment, software, and technology. We have developed sports, fashion, and entertainment projects for many of the world´s leading brands. In addition, we create innovative marketing methods for talent and organizations in the sports, fashion, and entertainment areas supported by professional individuals with a solid financial services background.

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Where are we?

We are active primarily in the Middle East, Western Europe, the United States, Mexico, and Japan, with an increasing presence in South East Asia.

Our main focus lately has been the Edtech and Foodtech sectors, primarily in the Middle East.

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Our partners

Today, we have active partnerships in…

  • The United States
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Western Europe
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • UAE

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Our Team

Paris de l’Etraz


Gaelle Bou Abdo

Managing Partner

Jessica Bunn

Senior Analyst