Mission Mission 

Amazing Lab, AG is an international, Swiss based holding company specializing in the development of business opportunities that are highly dependent on strong investment banking expertise supported by high level contacts and innovative ideas.

The company is focused on investment banking services for third parties, the development of startups in high growth areas and the creation of private equity funds focused on areas where our partners can bring to bear high level contacts as well as unique know-how. Together we bring have over 50 years of investment banking expertise, with a particular focus on M&A advisory and venture capital in many of the world´s leading financial institutions.

Since 2004, the group has started companies in the areas of sports marketing, entertainment, software and technology. We have developed sports, fashion and entertainment projects for many of the world´s leading brands.In addition, we create innovate marketing methods for talent and organizations in the sports, fashion and entertainment areas supported by professional individuals with a solid financial services background.

Our mission is to bring an honest, professional and straightforward approach to developing opportunities in highly competitive areas where professionalism and transparency can make a difference.

We are active primarily in Western Europe, the United States, Mexico and Japan, with an increasing presence in Latin America.


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